AYS Engineering strives to provide a full range of engineering services to our clients. Our services range from single-family residence small site development to large subdivisions and their associated infrastructure improvements to public sector street, sewer and drainage projects.

Site Development 

AYS provides site development services from site feasibility studies to final design, these studies and designs may include accessing the septic capacity of the site or sewer connection feasibility, site access and parking and utility issues. Evaluation may include water systems for both domestic and fire protection, drainage studies for site and/or basin analysis, roadway and driveway design to determine access issues and traffic impact studies to evaluate the possible vehicle routing impacts and site selection sensitivity. Our final designs incorporate all or some of the above-mentioned items depending on the site and client needs.

Septic System Design 

AYS has provided designs for hundreds of systems. Our design services cover initial site evaluation to the permitted plans through construction services. Our designs have ranged from a standard in ground system for a single family residence to a large school and multiuse facility covering sewerage pretreatment including ultra violet treatment and dispersed via drip irrigation lines.

Highway Design 

AYS has provided drainage design in support of an interchange design for CalTrans. The work involved analysis of the existing drainage system and developing a drainage scheme to work with the new interchange and the existing drainage system. Evaluate and design a left turn pocket on an existing rural highway. The design included an evaluation various speed studies performed in the area, and an analysis of probable vehicle queuing and gap acceptance. Once the analysis was complete the design involved localized widening and realignment of the roadway.

Subdivision Development 

AYS has developed the Tentative Maps and Improvement Plans for a variety of sites. Our work during the tentative map stage is typically to identify the extents of site development, including site grading, site drainage and site utility requirements, and if necessary off-site improvements. Our Tentative Map work is tailored to the clients' needs and the permitting agencies requirements. Once the Tentative Map is approved, AYS can develop the site improvement plans as required but typically include site roadways, drainage systems and sewer systems. Plot plans include the individual driveways and site utilities including sewer and water.

Parking Analysis/ Design 

AYS has performed parking studies and analysis as part of larger projects or as separate item. We have laid out parking areas for on-street parking and off-street for houseboats, schools and shopping centers and residential buildings. Our analysis can include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and are typically tailored to the clients and agency requirements. The parking design typically incorporates the requirements identified during the evaluation phase.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Erosion Control 

AYS has developed many sites with pollution prevention being a design goal. These designs include grassy drainage swale areas for site runoff, minimizing storm water concentrations and contour grading to direct water away from sensitive areas. AYS has developed Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for a variety of sites and is familiar with erosion control requirements and the NPDES permitting issues.

Engineering Services Offered by AYS Engineering